Laser welding machine introduction

We have already purchase Laser Welding machine to use in MSV factory. This will help us to fullfil customer needs and ensure the quality of mold. 

The advantage of Laser Welding is help us to weld the thin wall, and small pin without any worry that thin wall deform. So if you are also face that problem, do not hesitate to ask us for support.

『Thanks to support from DSI(a Germany Laser Welding machine maker), we now can implementation and development more activity regarding Maintenance and Repair mold to fulfile more customer demand.』

Laser welding machine

Laser welding machine is used in mold repairing, mechanical precision, to laser weld the metal materials with high precision and sophistication, without distorsion, which no other welding methods can do.

The Laser Welding machine that Meisei company is equipped with is made in Germany, brand name: DSI(Alpha Laser - AL200)

With many advanced features, and absolutely suitable with Molding industry, with high reliability.

The welding quality can meet the strictest technical requirements.

The customers' demand of high quality welding for molds will be satisfied in the most recent time. 




The advantages of laser welding machine:

・Very small heat-affected zone.

・High welding speed, and well automated

・Can laser weld thin sheets, which other methods are difficult to implement.

・No need of supplementary materials.

・Can be used for complicated details: gear ring, gear, jewelry, steps axis, precision equipment,tube welding, electronic parts, non-ferrous …

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