President's Message

In 2002, We were born as a Mold Maker in Vinh Phuc province,Northern Vietnam, thanks to Inherited DNA from Mother company [Nagoya Precision Mold].

And now,  our manufacturing industry has entered the chaotic times regardless of the scale and country caught up in the global competition . 

We adapt to changes in the environment to accelerate at a global level, must open up the future.

                             DNA and Be flexible to change

In the Darwin's theory of evolution, only adapt  flexible to change survive.

We hold up the company philosophy according to natural law which does not change from origin of life.

To survive the turbulent times, we proud in the innate DNA,

and what should we change and brush up.

In the ever-changing business environment,

We must always grasping customer needs,and also changing ourselves.

And we believe that to continue to have  high sustainability is we will increasing the  customer satisfaction(CS)  employee satisfaction(ES).

We hope to continue to receive your kind cooperation.


General Director   HIRAHARA TADASHI

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