Company Philosphy


Company Policy

We proud the host company’s DNA which improves human resources with higher level. Our company’s goal is to create administration that will work hard for the happiness of our customer and employees, so our company keeps trying to achieve the fulfillment of “Employees Satisfaction” and “Customers Satisfaction”


Management philosophy (policy)

  1.  The strength of our molding die is LENS which requires high quality skills. Skills are base of our company’s experience. Besides, other kinds of molding dies are producing, so that we always try to make satisfy the customer’s needs.

  2.   We respect person’s opinion, creatively, and imagination, so we step forward to” CHANGE” that all employees will glow up and improve the skills by themselves.  Our company will keep changing to go higher level in all times.

  3.   We observe environmental changing and globalization to be aimed global leader so that we can make supply chain.



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